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Effective Fall 2010, the IUPUI Faculty Council approved an October Fall Break at IUPUI. This break will result in no loss of teaching days as it calls for the fall semester to begin earlier on a Monday rather than on a Wednesday. By starting earlier to accommodate the Fall Break, fall semester will still be in accordance with the established IUPUI Academic Calendar guidelines. The Fall Break will occur in October between the 8-week class end date (1st 8 week) and start date (2nd 8 week). It will also coincide with the National "Fall Alternative Break" movement seen as a time to serve others in a new community. Introducing a Fall Break in October is intended to reduce high stress at this predictable time in the semester for students, faculty and staff, serving as a time to re-charge academically and prepare for the remainder of the semester.

Implementation Guidelines:
This policy will become effective in Fall 2010. The fall semester will start two days earlier in August, on a Monday rather than a Wednesday. The Fall Break will be considered "non-instruction days" for staff similar to Spring Break. For complete information on the Resolution, click http://www.iupui.edu/~fcouncil/documents/2008-09.htm.

Passed unanimously at the April 7, 2009, IFC Meeting