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Students may be dismissed from their school or program if they fail to meet academic or professional standards. The student will be informed of the dismissal in writing by the school’s dean or the dean’s campus representative.

Some factors considered when students are dismissed are failure to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (IUPUI’s GPA of good standing) or the school’s GPA of good standing after being placed on probation, a lack of progress toward the degree requirements in the judgment of the faculty, or a lack of acceptable ethical or professional behavior. Dismissed students are required to sit out for at least one semester following their first dismissal, and at least one full year following their second dismissal in most schools. See individual programs for more information about dismissal and readmission. Individual departments/schools may refuse to readmit students on the basis of their academic records.

Students already enrolled in and even attending classes will be administratively dropped from those classes and their money returned if they are dismissed.