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Undergraduate Class Standing
As of Fall 2015:
  • Freshmen 0 - 29 hours
  • Sophomore 30 - 59 hours
  • Junior 60 - 89 hours
  • Senior 90+ hours
  • Masters Graduate/Masters
  • Doctorate Beyond Graduate Level
  • Thesis G900
  • Special Undergraduate/Graduate

In some cases, a student's class standing is determined by where the student is in his or her program and not by the simple total of all credit hours. This is especially true if a student has changed majors and moved into a program where a significant number of hours previously taken will not apply toward the new major. While this isn't usually a real issue at the freshman and sophomore levels, it is more likely to occur when a student changes schools while a junior or senior.

NOTE:  30 CREDIT HOURS EACH YEAR is expected for on-time completion of an undergraduate degree.