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In addition to completing all the required course work, students must have a specific overall grade point average and a specific GPA in their major to graduate. Most schools also require grades of C or higher in major courses. Students should familiarize themselves with the policies of their program.

Semester and Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Only courses with grades of A+ through D– and F are used in calculating grade point averages (GPA). P and S grades are passing grades in completed courses, but they are not used in the calculation of a GPA.  I and R grades have no GPA value.

To calculate a semester GPA, take the value (or quality points) for each grade and multiply it by the number of credits. For example, a 3 credit course (3.0 hours) with the grade of A (4.0 quality points) equals 12 GPA points. (The grade of A equals 4 quality points multiplied by 3 credit hours.) Add all GPA points together and then divide by the total number of GPA credit hours completed.

3 credit - A     3 credits x 4.0 pts.    = 12.0 pts.
3 credit - B     3 credits x 2.7 pts.    =  8.1 pts.
2 credit - C     2 credits x 2.0 pts.    =  4.0 pts.
2 credit - F     2 credits x 0.0 pts.     =  0.0 pts.
2 credit - S     not used in calculation
2 credit - I      not used in calculation
3 credit - W    not used in calculation
10 credits        = 24.1 pts.
24.1 points ÷ 10 cr. = 2.41 GPA

Cumulative GPA is calculated by combining the credits for all the semesters taken at IUPUI or an IU campus and dividing that number into the total number of credits earned in courses with grades of A+ through F. Courses taken at other non–IU institutions are not used in calculating the IU GPA.

Credit hours passed is the number of IU course credit hours completed with a passing grade (A+ through D–, S, P) at the level indicated (undergraduate, graduate, or cumulative). Any credit hours earned as a transfer student from outside the IU system are recorded on the transcript as transfer credit hours. IU credit hours passed and transfer credit hours are added together to determine a student’s class level.

Up to three sets of GPA statistics may appear on a student transcript:

IU GPA reflects the student’s GPA according to standard university-wide rules and includes an evaluation of all coursework completed, respective of student’s  major. The semester IU GPA and cumulative-to-date IU GPA are calculated at the end of each semester. The overall IU GPA summary statistics are reflected at the end of each student career level.

Student program GPA is calculated according to the rules determined by the student’s academic program at the time. This GPA is subject to change whenever the student changes program (major). The cumulative Program GPA statistics are based on the student’s last active program at that career level.

In some cases, schools calculate a degree GPA, which may vary slightly from the IU or program GPA as it appears in the summary portion of a student’s transcript or degree progress report. This variation is due to differences in program requirements, especially when students are earning Purdue degrees.

The degree GPA for IUPUI students pursuing Purdue degrees offered by the Schools of Engineering and Technology; Science; and the Tourism, Convention, and Event Management Programs will be calculated using the Purdue University grading policy. Courses taken at any IU or Purdue campus and included in the student’s program of study will be used in calculating the final GPA at the time the degree is awarded.