Undergraduate Overview

University College

Time on Task (Absence Policies)

Regardless of whether an explicit absence policy appears on the syllabus, students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for completing all course work required. Unless the instructor has a different procedure for absences, when students are unable to attend class, they should contact the instructor prior to or immediately following the absence. Students should identify someone in class who is willing to share notes or discuss what was missed. Some instructors may provide videotapes of missed classes, but it is not the instructor’s job to repeat a class for a student who is unable to attend class. Exams or other work missed during absences can be made up only with the approval of the instructor. Instructors may choose to count a student absent who comes late or leaves early. Discontinuing class attendance without officially dropping the class will result in the student receiving a grade of F. The student will be responsible for tuition and fees.