Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor's Degree (Baccalaureate) Programs

The typical undergraduate degree program is either a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree. The degree typically takes four years for full-time students and substantially longer for part-time students. IUPUI's bachelor's degrees are awarded in the professional schools and within the arts and sciences.

Associate Degree Programs

Some schools award an associate degree after the completion of two years of full-time college course work. Usually the course work completed for the associate degree will count toward the bachelor's degree in the same discipline.

Certficate Programs

Certificate programs resemble minors but generally require more credit hours. Some certificate programs are stand-alone programs, which means that a student does not have to be working toward a two- or four-year degree to complete the certificate program. Specific requirements can be found in the section for the school offering the certificate.

Non-Degree Programs

The Community Learning Network (CLN) offers hundreds of continuing education (noncredit) classes and serves over 11,000 learners annually. With more than 18 noncredit certificate programs in areas as diverse as photography and stress management, CLN's noncredit program helps learners to take the first step in career development. These courses provide educational opportunities for a lifetime of learning. Visit the Community Learning Network Web site (www.cln.iupui.edu) to find out more about noncredit offerings.