All new students—graduate and undergraduate—whose native language is not English are required to take the EAP placement test prior to registration. This test is administered by the Testing Center on behalf of the English for Academic Purposes Program. All inter-national students from non–English speaking countries as well as U.S. permanent residents and others referred by the Office of Admissions take the EAP placement test in lieu of the English Placement Test that native speakers of English are required to take.

Those who need to further develop their English writing skills will be assigned to appropriate EAP classes. These courses are required and should be completed as soon as possible. This requirement has been established in recognition of the vital importance of language competency to the academic success of students.

The intermediate courses—ENG G009 and G010—and the advanced courses— ENG G011 and G012—focus on fundamental language skills. This sequence is designed to improve reading and grammar skills as well as listening comprehension and speaking proficiency. Credits from these courses do not count toward IUPUI degrees; however, grades awarded will be included in the student’s grade point average.
Undergraduate EAP students are also placed in an appropriate EAP section of the IUPUI writing courses, ENG W001 or W131. These courses carry the same credit and the same requirements as the regular Department of English sections. ESL W131 fulfills part of the communication core requirement focusing on writing skills for undergraduate students. The credit from this course counts toward IUPUI undergraduate degrees, providing that students receive a grade of C or higher. A few undergraduate programs accept a grade of C–.

Graduate EAP students who need to improve writing skills are placed in ENG G013, which focuses on the special writing demands of graduate-level classes. Those who need to improve listening and speaking skills are placed in G020, which focuses on the verbal and aural skills required in professional settings.

All new international students should contact the Office of International Affairs at (317) 274-7000 to complete the admission process. To register for the EAP placement test, new admitted undergraduate students should schedule the EAP placement test through the Office of Orientation Services at (317) 274-4240, and admitted graduate students should schedule the EAP test directly with the Testing Center at (317) 274-2620. For more information about the EAP Program, call (317) 274-2188 or visit the Web site for the EAP Program (