Step-by-step information for international students,including links to academic program information and online application options, is available at on request from the Office of International Affairs (OIA),

Beginning undergraduate applicants must have successfully completed secondary school including a university-preparation track, or be in the final year of secondary school. The U.S. primary and secondary education system consists of 12 years of study. International applicants should have studied for a similar number of years in primary and secondary school to be eligible for university admission. Applicants from countries with at least 11 standard years in the primary and secondary system and a strong academic record may be considered.

Secondary school programs should have included study of a student's native language, English or other foreign languages, mathematics, natural and/or physical science, humanities, and social sciences.  Secondary credentials required by country to establish eligibility for undergraduate study are listed at

Depending on the admission requirements of their desired majors, applicants are considered for admission to University College or for dual admission to University College and the school of their intended major. Regardless of the admission category, all undergraduate students participate in the University College Orientation program, advising, and support services as part of a comprehensive orientation program coordinated for international students by the Office of International Affairs. The goal of these programs is to ensure a successful transition to IUPUI.