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The Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) program at IUPUC offers a unique engineering education. In the spirit of a responsive, regional campus, IUPUC is focused on ensuring student success and meeting the educational needs of southeastern Indiana. Graduates are well-prepared for employment with major employers in the local market and beyond. They also have a firm foundation for graduate study and pursing master's and Ph.D. degrees in diverse engineering disciplines.

The BSME program builds on the fundamental principles of science and engineering, including engineering theories, concepts, and practical applications so graduates have the skills to serve as innovative leaders and highly competent professionals.

Why choose a mechanical engineering career?

  • Mechanical engineering is an exciting discipline, with great potential for careers in traditional fields like propulsion, power generation, and automotive engineering as well as emerging enterprises, such as sustainable design, energy conversion, biomedical and forensic engineering, and advanced nanoscale materials. In the complex, ever-evolving world in which we live, the field of mechanical engineering offers tremendous opportunities!
  • The skills required for mechanical engineers are diverse and emphasize the ability to work in collaborative design teams, technical competence, having a global perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit, sound managerial ability, and an understanding of societal forces governing new product development and the marketplace.
  • BSME students at IUPUC may have the opportunity to minor in business or math, which can make a significant impact on post-graduation employment.
  • Student research and internship opportunities with major employers in the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector are available for IUPUC's BSME students. Seniors in the program will complete design projects sponsored by local industry, for example, providing them with a professional experience requiring real-world problem-solving and the need to effectively communicate ideas and results—all before they graduate and enter the workplace.
  • Mechanical engineers are in demand. Average entry-level salaries for mechanical engineering graduates are nearly $59,000, according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers.

For more information:

If you have questions about the BSME program at IUPUC or would like more information, please call 812.348.7200 or e-mail engineering@iupuc.edu. For additional information, including required coursework and information on careers in engineering, you may also visit IUPUC's Mechanical Engineering program online.