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Minor in Sports Management

The minor in Sports Management will provide evidence that the student who is seeking a position in this field will have had the course work and experience that will provide to an employer that the candidate has the fundamental skills to assist in the management of a sports facility. This academic program was developed based on the recommended key content areas of sport management – the Common Professional Component (CPC) of the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation.

Degree course requirements:

 Sport in America Historical Perspective HPER- P333

Sport in America: Historical Perspectives will explore the historical development of sport in American culture and the processes of change in American culture and sport from the 15th century to the present. This survey course will examine the place of sport in early settlements, through the growth of sport in the 19th century involving the rise of modern sport, and changes and challenges in sport in the 20th century to the present in American society. Placing special emphasis on the intersection of sport with gender, race, ethnicity, and social class, the course underscores the ways that diverse groups of men and women have shaped the development of sport in the United States. We will examine the transformation of sporting experiences over time and how other factors, such as religion, region, and technology, have shaped sport in deepening our knowledge about American culture.

Introduction to Sports Management  HPER - P211

An examination of the broad spectrum of career opportunities available in the sport management profession. Special emphasis on career planning, sport management terminology, and an overview of specific skills and courses required for professional preparation in sport management.

Planning and Operations of a Sports Facility  HPER - P331

Planning and Operation of Sport Facilities will cover numerous issues from construction-related concerns to marketing facilities, naming rights, and concession concerns. Topics related to the facility management side of the industry, with special attention paid to back-of-the-house operations such as water, heating, cooling, and related activities will also be covered. This is a comprehensive course focusing on applied rather than theoretical knowledge. To learn some of the hands-on elements of running a facility, students will take virtual tours of numerous sport facilities and watch video interviews of facility staffers to learn how these facilities are operated. Students will also submit weekly assignments that will have them visit and evaluate local sport facilities of their choice, as well as have them conduct interviews with local sport facility personnel.

Sport Marketing   HPER - P418

Sport Marketing will build upon the marketing knowledge base and provide an overview of all the issues faced by marketing managers within the sports industry and outside the industry who market through sports. Students will be introduced to the unique qualities of the sports product and also examine the promotion mix, pricing and distribution issues as they relate to the sports industry.

Legal Issues in Sport Settings  HPER - P411

Legal Issues in Sport Settings will introduce students to the legal doctrines, major statutes, standards, and case law that establish legal responsibilities, rights, privileges, and controls related to the sport industry. Students will understand how the knowledge of sport law can make them better sport managers.

 Financial Principals of Sports  HPER - P423

Financial Principles in Sport will examine the application of principles and practices of financial management, as it applies to organizations in the sport industry. This course seeks to develop the financial skills necessary to gain an understanding of an array of financial concepts that impact sport managers. Students will examine financial strategies related to sport entities and organizations and will be introduced to current economic and financial issues that impact the sport industry. Included in the course are the basics of accounting, budgets and budgeting systems, performance measures creation, and financial statement evaluation for the purpose of cost analysis and planning. Other topics include budget development, funding, capital projects, economic impact, and supply and demand in the sport industry.

Practicum in Sport Studies HPER - P439

Practicum in Sport Studies provides students with practical job-related learning experience in sport management or marketing under the supervision of a professional in the area.

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