Division of Labor Studies

Certificate in Labor Studies

Student Consumer Information about this Program

The requirements for the Certificate in Labor Studies are as follows:

  • A minimum of 3 credit hours in two of the required areas of learning and a minimum of 6 credit hours in the third major area (12 cr.)
  • Required: one economics course or LSTU L230 Labor and the Economy
  • Recommended: one course in computer science, taken through any academic division, including Labor Studies
  • Arts and humanities (3 cr.)
  • Social and behavioral sciences (3 cr.)
  • Science and mathematics (3 cr.)
  • Elective in any of the above areas (3 cr.)

A total of 18 credit hours from the labor studies course list; five must be core courses (18 cr.)

Total credit hours required for the Certificate in Labor Studies program (30 cr.)

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