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Minor in Health Administration Administration

The Department of Health Information Management in the College of Health and Human Services is offering a Minor in Health Information Administration (HIA) at the IU Northwest campus.

The minor contains 15 credits, 5 courses from the BS curriculum in HIA.  The minor would appeal to students from Computer Science, Nursing, and others.   Informatics in the health care industry is a blend of information technology (IT), clinical skills, and the electronic health record documentation management and application issues.  The minor could also appeal to other majors on the campus, but is particularly useful in the current health care field with the electronic health record, data management, the clinical documentation improvement focus, medical informatics, and healthcare IT departments.

The minor would include the following courses, which must be taken in the sequence listed, from our BS curriculum:

  • M195     Medical Terminology (3 cr.)
  • M101     Introduction to Health Records (3 cr.) P: M195
  • M107     Computer Applications in Health Information Technology (3 cr.)  C: M101
  • M301     Healthcare Quality and Information Management (3 cr.) P: M195, M101, M107
  • M410     Computer Systems in Healthcare (3 cr.) P: M195, M101, M107

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