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Educational Program

Length of the Program

The Health Information Administration program is four years in length if the student attends on a full-time basis and does not have a prior degree in Health Information Technology. For a current HIT professional it could take two to two and half years to complete the HIA professional program courses. Opportunities are available for progression through the program on a part-time basis.

Structure of the professional program

A student accepted into the Health Information Administration program, with no prior degree in Health Information Technology, will be required to take all Health Information Technology program courses which are offered primarily during the day. Once a student progresses to 300 and 400 level professional courses all are offered online only.

Design of the Professional Curriculum

Students accepted into the Health Information Administration Program typically begin the course of study in the fall semester. The curriculum consists of general-education courses, technical courses in health information technology, and clinical experience in health care facilities at a location convenient for the student. For those students who already hold a prior degree in Health Information Technology, those students can begin the program anytime in the fall or spring semesters.

Location of Clinical Sites

The program generally utilizes all hospitals within the counties that Indiana University Northwest serves. For distance students, not living within these areas, appropriate arrangements can be made with the program Clinical Coordinator to accommodate a clinical placement at a facility convenient to their home or work.  Additional nonacute care facilities can also be utilized. The student is responsible for his/her own transportation to these clinical sites.

Additional Cost

In addition to regular university fees, students are responsible for the cost of a physical examination, a PPD test, and completion of a criminal history background check before attending clinical sites. They are also responsible for any travel expenses incurred as part of the clinical experience.

Opportunity for Students to Work

Many students accept part-time employment in local health care facilities while completing the professional course work.

Program Facilities

The Health Information Management Program offices and classrooms are located in the Dunes Medical building at IU Northwest.


The Health Information Administration Program of IU Northwest is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

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