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Admission to the program is competitive; therefore, completion of the corequisites does not guarantee admission to the program.

Criteria Used for Selection of Class

Students may apply for admission to the Health Information Administration Program after qualifying for regular admission to Indiana University Northwest. Admission to the program is based upon each applicant's high school and / or college grade point average, SAT scores, and a personal interview. 

Class Size


Specific Requirements

In addition to the College of Health and Human Services admission policies and procedures found at the beginning of the bulletin, the following admission policies apply to the Health Information Management Programs at IU Northwest. 

Application Deadline

April 1 of the year of anticipated entry. 

Total Number of Prerequisite Credit Hours

This is a direct high school entry program.

Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average

C (2.0 on a 4.0 scale). Grades from remedial courses are not figured into the cumulative grade point average.

Distribution of Credit Hours in Specific Areas

Students must complete 57 credit hours in various general education courses as part of the degree requirements.

Limitations of Course Work

Remedial courses may not be counted as credit hours toward a degree.

Minimum Specific Grade Point Average

The program computes a selected course grade point average based on courses the student may have taken that are required by the program. Grades from remedial courses are not included.


All qualified applicants must participate in an interview.

Essential Abilities

See College of Health and Human Services Essential Abilities policy.

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