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History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies
Political Science
Major in Political Science - B.A.


In addition to meeting the College of Arts and Sciences' requirements for all B.A. degrees, political science majors must take 36 credit hours in political science, choosing their classes from the following groups.

Core courses (12 cr.). Take all four classes in this group:

  • POLS-Y 103
  • POLS-Y 205
  • POLS-Y 372
  • POLS-Y 490

International relations and comparative politics (6 cr.). Take two classes from this group: 

  • POLS-Y 335
  • POLS-Y 360
  • POLS-Y 362
  • POLS-Y 366
  • POLS-Y 373

American institutions and processes (6 cr.). Take two classes from this group:

  • POLS-Y 200
  • POLS-Y 301
  • POLS-Y 304 OR POLS-Y 305
  • POLS-Y 302 OR POLS-Y 308
  • POLS-Y 318
  • POLS-Y 319

Political theory and philosophy (6 cr.). Take two classes from this group:

  • POLS-Y 381
  • POLS-Y 382
  • POLS-Y 383
  • POLS-Y 384


  • Take two additional classes (6 cr.) in political science.

One course in statistics is also required of political science majors. ECON-E 270 would satisfy this requirement and would also count toward fulfilling the Group III B distribution requirement in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Another option is PSY-K 300.  Your statistics course does not count toward your 36 credit hour minimum in political science.

Recommended: In addition to meeting departmental and general requirements, the political science department strongly suggests that political science majors take supporting courses in economics and history, especially American history.

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