College of Arts and Sciences


Major in Geology - B.S.

Requirements Majors complete 39-41 credit hours in geology and 36 credit hours in the allied disciplines

1.  Any one of the following 100-level courses AND GEOL G102 laboratory:

  • GEOL G101 Introduction to Earth Science (3 cr.) AND G102 Intro to Earth Science Lab (1 cr.)
  • GEOL G107 Environmental Geology (3cr.) AND G102 Intro to Earth Science Lab (1cr)
  • GEOL G103 Earth Materials and Processes (3 cr.) AND G102 Intro to Earth Science Lab (1 cr.)

GEOL G209 History of the Earth (4 cr.)
GEOL G221 Introductory Mineralogy (4 cr.)
GEOL G222 Introduction to Petrology (4cr.)
GEOL G317 Field and Laboratory Techniques (3cr.)
GEOL G323 Structural Geology (4 cr.)
GEOL G334 Principles of Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (4 cr.)
GEOL G429 Field Geology in the Rocky Mountains (6 cr.) OR other chairperson approved geology field camp (5-6 credits) (fulfills capstone requirement for B.S. in Geology)
GEOL G490 Undergraduate Seminar (fulfills capstone requirement for B.S. in Geology)

2. Complete one of the following sequences:

Two 400-level lecture-based geology courses (6-8 credit hours)


One 400-level lecture-based geology course (3-4 credit hours) AND one semester of research or internship fulfilled by one of the following courses: 

  • G407 Senior Science Project (3 cr.)
  • G408 Senior Science Project (3 cr.)
  • G460 Internship in Geology (3 cr.)

3. Allied Sciences
Chemistry (10 credits) CHEM C105-CHEM C106, CHEM C125-CHEM C126
Physics (10 credits) PHYS P221, PHYS P222
Mathematics (10 credits) MATH M215, MATH M216
Biology (3 credits)

4. A 300- or 400-level Math, Chemistry or Physics course.

5. Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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