Courses for Nonmajors

The BIOL-L 100 course offers the nonmajor an opportunity to examine the fundamental principles of biology and to prepare for more advanced courses should the decision be made to continue in biology.

The 200-400 level nonmajor courses are designed to acquaint students possessing minimal science background with the basic principles underlying the modern biological sciences. Emphasis is given to those biological concepts and advances that are of prime importance to the liberally educated nonscientist.

In addition to BIOL-L 100, the following courses are intended for nonmajors: BIOL-L 104, PHSL-P 130, BIOL-L 200, BIOL-M 200, BIOL-L 215, PHSL-P 261, PHSL-P 262, PHSL-P 263, BIOL-L 300, BIOL-L 302, BIOL-L 310, BIOL-L 316, BIOL-L 350, BIOL-L 363, BIOL-L 378, and BIOL-L 499

Academic Bulletins

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