School of Sciences

General Studies Degree Program

Certificate in Contemporary Entrepreneurship
The certificate is designed to offer students the opportunity to complement their major in General Studies with an additional concentration in Entrepreneurship. Offered under the auspices of the General Studies degree program with administrative oversight by the School of Business, students will take a series of courses and receive a certificate that endorses their knowledge in this area. The Contemporary Entrepreneurship Certificate has strong synergies with other strategic initiatives by the campus by adding an additional and critical educational component to support economic development and potential professional and technical job creation across north central Indiana. A certificate in contemporary entrepreneurship is awarded upon completion of these five required courses* (15 cr.):
  • BUS-A 200 Foundations of Accounting
  • BUS-L 200 Elements of Business Law
  • BUS-F 260 Personal Finance
  • ECON-E 200 Fundamental of Economics
  • BUS-W 211 Contemporary Entrepreneurship
*These courses do not fulfill School of Business degree requirements

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