School of Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is designed to prepare individuals to understand the nature of truth and the concept of proof in the discipline of mathematics, to understand the application of mathematical techniques to other fields, and to formulate and solve problems mathematically. The Bachelor of Science places a greater emphasis on mathematical knowledge and its relation to the sciences through additional coursework and potential research opportunities. Students have greater opportunities to complete coursework for either graduate school in mathematics or entry into business or industry.

Degree Requirements:
  1. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Entering freshmen must take SSCI-S 105 Science Freshmen Learning Community (1 cr.).
  3. General Education. Students must complete all of the requirements of the Indiana University Kokomo campus-wide general education curriculum. The General Education requirements in quantitative literacy, critical thinking, and physical and life sciences are satisfied by the major.
  4. Required Science and Informatics Courses
    • PHYS-P 221 Physics 1 (5 cr.)
    • One of the following: CHEM-C 105/125 Principles of Chemistry I and Laboratory (5 cr.), BIOL-L 105 Intro to Biology (5 cr.), or GEOL-G 100 General Geology (5 cr.)
    • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.)
    • Five additional credits in the School of Sciences outside of Mathematics/statistics.
  5. Mathematics Courses-Students must complete a minimum of 41 credit hours in mathematics with a grade point average of at least 2.0. The following courses are required: MATH-M 215-216 Calculus I-II (10cr.), MATH-M 311 Calculus III (4 cr.), MATH-M 303 Linear Algebra for Undergraduates (3 cr.). In addition, students must complete two sequences from Group A and an additional 12 credit hours from Groups A or B.
    • Group A: MATH-M 403/404 Introduction to Modern Algebra I-II (6 cr.), MATH-M 413/414 Introduction to Analysis I-II (6 cr.), MATH-M 413/415 Introduction to Analysis I/Elementary Complex Variables with Applications (6 cr.), MATH-M 447/448 Mathematical Models and Applications I-II (6 cr.), MATH-M 471/472 Numerical Analysis I-II (6 cr.)
    • Group B: MATH-M 313 Elementary Differential Equations with Applications (3 cr.), MATH-T 336 Topics in Euclidean Geometry (3 cr.), MATH-M 347 Discrete Mathematics (3 cr.), MATH-M 463 Introduction to Probability I (3 cr.), MATH-M 466 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (3 cr.), MATH-M 415 Elementary Complex Variables with Applications (3 cr.)
  6. General Examination—Students must pass a written examination covering the entire undergraduate mathematics program. The examination will be given near the end of the semester in which the student is expected to graduate. The mathematics faculty may permit a student who does not perform satisfactorily on the written examination to take an oral examination that same semester. Students who still do not perform satisfactorily may take the general examination the next time it is offered. Those who do not pass the general examination on the second attempt must petition the mathematics faculty to take the general examination a third time, and are expected to document additional preparation in mathematics.
  7. Students must complete 30 of the last 60 credit hours, including at least 9 credit hours of mathematics from Groups A or B, and the general examination at Indiana University Kokomo.

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