School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of New Media, Art, and Technology

Minors in the Humanities

Art History Minor

The minor in Art History is ideal for students wishing to develop a strong foundation of knowledge in art history. A minor in Art History is helpful for students wishing to go into education, art administration or graduate programs in fine arts. To earn an art history minor, a student must take the following courses, for a total of 18 credit hours:

Required-6 credit hours

  • FINA-A 101 Ancient and Medieval Art
  • FINA-A 102 Renaissance Through Modern Art

Choose 12 credit hours in other art history courses:

  • No more than 6 credit hours at the 100 level
  • At least 9 credit hours at the 300 level or above
  • One course in the Philosophy of Art may be used

Minor in Studio Art (16 credits)

The Minor in Studio Art is focused on the studio arts within the New Media, Art, and Technology program. The minor includes NMAT-S courses
and it involves a capstone experience where minors present their work. This minor offers a pathway for
students interested in pursuing Art Therapy. It also works well for education majors or any student
interested in pursuing traditional studio art.
(3 cr.) NMAT-F 101 Core Foundations: Tier 1—Block 1
(3 cr.) NMAT-F 102 Core Foundations: Tier 1—Block 2
(9 cr.) Choose 9 hours from any NMAT-S courses
(1 cr.) FINA-S 400 Independent Studio Projects
16 credits

New Media, Art, and Technology Minor

The minor is an excellent choice for students wishing to develop a strong understanding of new media technologies so they can apply them to their chosen
field. The minor consists of 15 credit hours.
Required: All students earning a minor in New Media, Art, & Technology must take:
1 NMAT-F101 Core Foundations: Tier 1—Block 1 and NMAT F102 Core Foundations: Tier 1—Block 2 (6 cr.)
2 NMAT-W201 Introduction to New Media (3 cr.)

3 Students must take 6 more credit hours from NMAT-D or NMAT-W courses.

4 All New Media, Art, & Technology courses require a C grade or higher to count toward the minor.

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