School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of New Media, Art, and Technology

Bachelor of Arts in New Media, Art, & Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in New Media, Art, & Technology (NMAT) combines tradition and innovation in a four-year, undergraduate degree for students desiring to develop practical skills and strong knowledge in areas including, but not limited to: digital media, web/mobile media, 2D & 3D studio art & design, virtual media, and emergent media. Students will develop effective art and design skills across both traditional and digital media, preparing them for a variety of career paths. Students will experience a robust set core of courses in New Media, Art, & Technology with interactions with all the faculty in the program. This mentorship process and system will help them develop an academic strategy to further tailor their educational paths and to customize the degree to their own interests and career plans.  The progressive curriculum offers skills, knowledge, and in-service learning; providing valuable pathways into many occupations, including graphic design, illustration, publishing, commercial art, fine art, web design and development, videography, cinematography, and photography.

The major consists of 48 credit hours of courses in New Media, Art, & Technology, divided between a required core foundation and courses within the major. At IU Kokomo, the Bachelor of Arts Degree in New Media, Art, & Technology features an innovative multidisciplinary approach, with coursework taught by faculty from a variety of fields. Students are encouraged to tailor their coursework to focus on their interests and goals. The BA degree offers a wider experience within general education and possibly allows room to take a minor in another area of study.


New Media, Art, & Technology is a program that prepares students to be critical, adaptive, inquisitive, effective, and creative thinkers, communicators, problem-solvers and creators, able to succeed as relevant professionals in a multitude of established and emerging fields.


Students who complete the program will:

  • understand how to produce industry-standard art and media works
  • have the practical and theoretical knowledge to critique works
  • posses the verbal, historical and theoretical knowledge to present their work to a variety of audiences
  • produce a written thesis and small portfolio of their work suitable for advancement within their chosen field


1. See “Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree” section under “School of Humanities and Social Sciences.”

2. All New Media, Art, & Technology and Art History NMAT-D, NMAT-W, NMAT-S, NMAT-H, and NMAT-G, and FINA-A courses require a C grade or higher to count toward the major.

3. As a method to ensure student success and to better prepare students for the workforce and/or graduate programs, students will need a late-model Windows or Macintosh laptop computer. Please read the IU ComputerGuide ( for recommendations and assistance. The UITS-Kokomo IT Training Center provides assistance with software installation and also tutoring assistance to students for computer technology issues. Visit to download up-to-date software, available at NO CHARGE.

4. New Media, Art, & Technology Requirements

A. Core Foundation (21 credits)

Required: All students earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, Art, & Technology must take:

  • NMAT-F101, NMAT-F102, NMAT-F103- Tier 1 Foundations (9 credits)
  • NMAT-F201, NMAT-F202, NMAT-F203-Tier 2 Foundations (9 credits)
  • NMAT-F250 Connected Foundations (3 credits)

B. NMAT Upper Level (15 credits)

Students work with faculty and advisors to customize their own plan within the major

Students can work across all media, but must complete at least 9 credits of 300 or 400 level NMAT courses. 

C. Art History/Philosophy/Theory (9 credits)

NMAT-G405, PHIL-P346, and one NMAT-H or FINA-A course 

D. Senior Capstone (3 credits)

  • NMAT-G499 Senior Thesis Capstone (3 credits)

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