School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy

Minors in Sociology, History, and Political Science
Students may complete a minor in history, philosophy, or political science by fulfilling the following requirements.


Students must complete 15 credit hours in history with a grade of C– or higher in each course.
  1. HIST-H 113 or HIST-H 114 History of Western Civilization I or II (3 cr.), and HIST-H 105 or HIST-H 106 American History: General Course I or II (3 cr.)
  2. Any three 300- or 400-level history courses (9 cr.).


  1. The minor consists of 15 credit hours in philosophy.
  2. No more than 6 credit hours may be at the 100 level.
  3. All courses for the Philosophy Minor must be a C- or above.
  4. The student must complete at least one course in each of the following three categories. Note that with specific approval of the philosophy coordinator a student may count a section of PHIL-P 383 Topics in Philosophy toward one of the three categories. The category that a PHIL-P 383 course would count towards depends on the topic of that course.
Value Theory (including):
  • PHIL-P 140 Introduction to Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 242 Applied Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 311 Environmental Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 342 Problems in Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 345 Problems in Social and Political Philosophy (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 348 Philosophy and Literature (3 cr.)
Reasoning (including):
  • PHIL-P 105 Critical Thinking (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 150 Elementary Logic (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 375 Philosophy of Law (3 cr.)
Foundations of Inquiry (including):
  • PHIL-P 100 Introduction to Philosophy (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 335 Phenomenology and Existentialism (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 346 Philosophy and Art (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 360 Philosophy of Mind (3 cr.)
  • PHIL-P 371 Philosophy of Religion (3 cr.)

Political Science

Students must complete 15 credit hours in political science with a grade of C– or higher in each course.
  1. POLS-Y 103 Introduction to American Politics (3 cr.)
  2. POLS-Y 217 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr.) or POLS-Y 219 Introduction to International Relations (3 cr.)
  3. Any three 200, 300, or 400-level political science courses (9 cr.) with a limit of 3 credit hours at the 200 level.

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