School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Communication and Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Performing Arts Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities Performing Arts Concentration provides students with experience and education in theatre and music. The requirements, which differ from the normal Humanities degree described above, are flexible so that students can choose courses that reflect their personal or professional interests, such as their instrument of choice. 

Concentration Requirements (31 Cr.)

Courses applied to general education or distribution may not be counted toward the concentration. Courses counted towards the concentration must be taken for a letter grade. At least 36 hours of the curriculum must be at the 300 level or higher, including 15 at the 300 level of the major. Minimum requirements: 31 hours in music/theatre, at least 15 hours at the 300 level or higher. Students may focus in either Music Performance or Theatre Performance.


Required Courses (12)

THTR 100 Introduction to Theatre (3)

THTR 120 Acting I (3)

MUS T113 Music Theory I or MUS T114 Music Theory II (3)

MUS M201 Literature of Music I (3)

Music Performance  - The following courses plus electives to equal 18 hours

At least 4 semesters of applied lessons at 300 level or higher

Choose from piano, voice, guitar, trumpet, low brass, percussion or see Director of Music regarding lessons on other instruments.

MUS B 340 Low Brass (2)

MUS B 320 Trumpet (2)

MUS V 300 Undergrad Voice (2)

MUS D 300 Percussion Undergrad (2)

MUS P 300 Piano Undergrad (2)

MUS L 300 Guitar Undergrad (2)

At least 4 semesters Performance ensemble

MUS –X40 Concert Band / Orchestra (1)

MUS X70 Cougar Choir (1)

Theater Performance  - The following courses plus electives to equal 18 hours

ENG L220 Introduction to Shakespeare (3)

THTR T220 Acting II (3)

THTR T311 Introduction to Movement for the Theatre (3)

THTR T349 Practicum (3) (Performance in stage production is required)

Capstone Project (1)

(Choose 1)

MUS-U320 Music Capstone

THTR T483 Theatre Capstone

Elective Courses (or any classes from Music or Theatre)

MUS T114 Music Theory II (3)

MUS T115 Music Theory III (3)

MUS G361 Elementary Conducting Techniques (3)

MUS R472 Vocal Performance Workshop (may repeat) (3)

ENG  L202     Introduction to Drama (3)

ENG  L220     Introduction to Shakespeare (3)

HUMA U102 Introduction to Humanities: The Live Performance (3)

THTR T115   Oral Interpretation (3)

THTR T340 Directing I (3)

THTR T400 Arts Management (3)

MUS-Z 320 Advanced Special Topics in Music for non-majors (3)

(varies, may include World Music, Piano Pedagogy, Brass Methods, Percussion Methods, diction for singers, vocal pedagogy) *

            *Students with voice as their instrument must take Vocal Pedagogy and Diction for Singers when it is offered.

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