School of Business

Concentration in Marketing

The marketing concentration is concerned with activities related to the marketing of goods and services from the source of supply to the source of demand. Areas of study include buyer behavior, product and service development, pricing policies, institutions and channels of distribution, advertising and promotion, marketing research, personal selling, industrial marketing, customer relationship management, marketing analytics, international marketing, and marketing strategy and policy. The marketing curriculum focuses on the skills needed to plan, implement, and evaluate an organization's programs related to marketing of goods and services. The curriculum helps students develop a clear understanding of marketing functions and how they interrelate with other functions of the firm. This concentration is particularly appropriate for careers in advertising, sales, brand management, retailing, wholesaling, market planning, industrial marketing, international marketing, marketing research, distribution, and marketing management in various types of organizations.

Course Requirements taken in the Junior and Senior Years:


  • BUS-M 405 Buyer Behavior (3 cr.)
  • BUS-M 450 Marketing Strategy (3 cr.)
  • BUS-M 455 Topics in Marketing: Customer Relationship Marketing (3 cr.)

Choose three of the following four options:

  • BUS-M 415 Advertising and Promotion Management (3 cr.)
  • One 300-400 level BUS-M business or economics course approved by the School of Business (3 cr.)
  • One 300-400 level BUS or ECON elective (3 cr.)
  • One 300-400 level BUS or ECON elective (3 cr.)

In addition, each student is required to complete an applied learning experience. See an advisor for options.

4+1 Program
By working with the undergraduate and graduate advisors and taking 15 credits a semester, it is possible to graduate in 5 years with both Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. Students interested in this program must be qualified to begin calculus their freshman year or must enroll in summer classes. Contact the undergraduate business advisor for more information.

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