Division of Allied Health Sciences

Occupational Therapy

A pre-OT baccalaureate degree program is available at IU Kokomo. See the Bachelor of Biological and Physical Sciences Degree in the Department of Natural, Information and Mathematical Science, School of Arts and Sciences section in this bulletin.

Among the fastest growing of the allied health professions is occupational therapy. Professionals in this field are concerned with an individual’s ability to engage in the normal activities of everyday life. Focusing on self-care, work, and play, registered occupational therapists determine the extent to which their patients or clients can function. Inability to function in certain areas may be due to lack of muscle strength, limitations in the range of motion in extremities, or the inability to properly integrate sensation. Other reasons include emotional disorders and social problems. After the assessment of the individual’s level of function, the therapist plans a treatment program, taking into account the needs, abilities, and desires of the patient. The treatment techniques may include a variety of therapeutic methods, as well as common activities specifically adapted for the patient.

Degree Requirements

The occupational therapy program offers a Master of Occupational Therapy professional degree. The degree is conferred by the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at IUPUI. The prerequisites are a baccalaureate degree including courses in: Abnormal Psychology/Psychopathology, Human Growth and Development, Medical Terminology, Kinesiology, Statistics, Human Anatomy (with a lab) and Human Physiology (with a lab).

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