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Students may only complete the first three years of this program at IU Kokomo

The cell, the keystone of life and control point for health or disease, is the object of the cytotechnologist’s attention. This fascinating field involves the microscopic inspection and evaluation of individual cells or groups of cells to detect cancer or other diseases.

The work of the cytotechnologist, which blends with that of pathologists and other physicians, involves developing and utilizing simple and reliable methods of collecting and evaluating cell samples from every organ of the body. The prime objective is to detect cancer early when treatment can often result in a cure for that disease.

Degree Requirements

The cytotechnology program is four years in length. It leads to a Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology degree conferred by the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Students are admitted to the professional year of the cytotechnology program (at the

IU Medical Center) after they have earned 90 credit hours of college course work. The professional year usually is the senior year of college study. However, a student who holds a degree in another field also may be admitted into the cytotechnology program. Please consult the IUPUI Bulletin for additional admission requirements and prerequisite courses.

Questions regarding alternative biology courses should be directed to the cytotechnology program faculty.

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