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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate- Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Technologists are employed in a variety of settings.  Graduates can be found in hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, physician offices, federal and state agencies, medical supply and equipment businesses, educational institutions, and veterinary services. Due to the rise in baccalaureate radiologic science degrees, the BS degree in Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) may not meet the needs of all individuals looking for further career development and opportunity. Local hospitals and other healthcare facilities face a shortage of qualified technologists. Indeed, many of these facilities frequently seek qualified individuals to fill positions in advanced imaging modalities.   This certificate program would help alleviate this problem by educating workers locally, and in communities continually seeking candidates.  Moreover, a post-baccalaureate certificate will allow technologists who already have a bachelor’s degree an avenue to become board-eligible, highly qualified advanced modality technologists.  Finally, a post-baccalaureate certificate will allow those international students who have a reciprocally recognized bachelor’s degree in imaging the opportunity to expand their education beyond that level through recognizing their earned bachelor’s degree, which is currently an obstacle within the educational system.

Courses in the certificate program, aside from clinical rotations, will be offered at Indiana University Kokomo. The certificate core courses would meet simultaneously with the BS MIT courses as the subject matter would be identical. The major topics and courses in the certificate are listed below: 

What are the admission requirements?

Students must have completed a baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution (minimum GPA of 2.70 in all courses and in the mathematics and science courses).  The degree should include courses in the sciences and some mathematics to meet at least some of the pre-requisites. The following pre-requisites are required for completion of the certificate program and may have been completed during undergraduate study:


For academic advising on any of the Allied Health Sciences, Health Science or Applied Science related programs, see Allied Health Science Advisors located in KE 120 or call 765-455-9384

The Admissions Committee will select the number of students each year based on clinical site availability, provided such students meet the admissions criteria.  Applications will be due on November 15 for priority consideration but will be accepted until all available clinical spots are filled.  For students who are missing pre-requisite courses, these courses can all be completed at IU Kokomo in one year (two regular semesters). Admission will be determined on a first come, first served basis after candidates applying for the BS in Medical Imaging Technology program are clinically placed.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Medical Imaging Technology:  Students who have previously earned a Baccalaureate degree in MIT or Radiologic Sciences may be eligible to earn a second BS degree in a specific concentration which allows them to be eligible for certification in any of our modality specific concentrations.

Information concerning concentrations can be found by visiting the IU Kokomo MIT web page or contact our Medical Imaging Technology Coordinator (; 765-455-9490. Program details and application process may be found on our MIT website:

Medical Imaging Technology Courses:

AHLT-R 404 Sectional Imaging Anatomy (3 cr.) An in-depth study of sectional anatomy pertinent to ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Standard transverse, parasagittal, and coronal planes are included, utilizing images from all three imaging modalities. A discussion of technique, artifacts, and pathology-related alterations of cross-sectional anatomic appearances is included. P. Admitted MIT Majors only

AHLT-R 405 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging I (3 cr.) Physics and imaging concepts in cardiovascular interventional technology, computed tomography, diagnostic medical sonography, and magnetic resonance imaging.  P. Admitted MIT Majors only

AHLT-R 406 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging II (3 cr.) Procedural concepts in cardiovascular interventional technology, computed tomography, diagnostic medical sonography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Image analysis of normal and abnormal studies will be presented.  P AHLT –R 405

AHLT-R 407 Seminar: Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (3 cr.) Seminar in advanced imaging modalities. Topics will vary.  Students are expected to complete simulations and / or scan labs on campus. P Admitted MIT Majors only

AHLT-R 408 Topics in Radiologic Sciences (3 cr.) Study of selected topics in radiologic sciences. May be repeated once for credit if topics differ. P AHLT – R 407

AHLT-R 409 Senior Project in Medical Imaging Technology (3 cr.) Independent readings and research on a selected medical imaging topic. A paper in publishable form must be written as part of the project. P. MIT major admit; Senior MIT major.

AHLT-R 414 Sectional Imaging Pathology (3 cr) An in-depth study of general pathology concepts and disease that affect specific body systems.  An emphasis is placed on the appearance of disease process on sectional anatomy images.  P: AHLT – R 404

AHLT-R 431 Second Certification: (1-12 cr.)  Credits in this courses are awarded as a result of successfully passing a second certification examination offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and /or American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).  The credits will be awarded based on the clinical concentrations offered by the program. Proof of second certification will be required. P- Admitted MIT majors only.

AHLT-R 481 Clinical Practicum: Vascular Imaging (8-12 cr.) Clinical experience in the performance of vascular and neurological imaging studies.* P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 482 Clinical Practicum: Computed Tomography (8-12 cr.) Clinical experience in the performance of computed tomographic imaging studies.* P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 483 Clinical Practicum: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (8-12 cr.) Clinical experience in the performance of magnetic resonance imaging studies.* P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 484 Clinical Practicum: Ultrasound Imaging (8-12 cr.) Clinical experience in the performance of ultrasound imaging studies.*   P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 485 Clinical Practicum (6 cr.) Clinical experience in various radiological modalities –Variable topics.*   P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT- R 486 Clinical Practicum: Mammography/Breast Ultrasound (6 cr.)  Clinical experience in the performance of mammography/breast ultrasound imaging. * P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 487 Clinical Practicum: Echocardiography (6 cr.)  Clinical experience in the performance of echocardiography imaging. * P Admitted MIT majors only

AHLT-R 490 Independent Study in Medical Imaging Technology (variable 1- 6 credits). Prerequisite currently enrolled in MIT major or instructor consent.  This course is designed to offer medical imaging technology students the ability to complete various topics of study related to this field but that are not covered in other MIT courses.  Topics will vary according to the student’s desired direction of study. P Admitted MIT Majors only

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