Division of Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is for people who are interested in human health and service to individual persons, communities, and populations.  Health Sciences also serves as a foundational degree for those who want to continue their education in public health, exercise science, or professional schools such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, occupational or physical therapy. 

The coursework is interdisciplinary and includes human biology, nutrition, and specialized health courses. Health Sciences majors can choose a concentration in Exercise Science or Health Promotion.  The Exercise Science concentration includes courses in human movement, and sports and fitness.  The Health Promotion concentration includes courses in population health that move beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of interventions and policies to promote health and prevent disease.

The primary goal of the degree is to provide students the basic, technical and applied aspects of health sciences.  Another goal is to help students apply this knowledge to a variety of career opportunities.  A baccalaureate degree in Health Sciences will enable students to gain knowledge of problem solving skills relevant to health related professions, medicine and interrelated fields of health and wellness care. 

The Health Sciences degree is suitable for Pre-Occupational Therapy or Pre-Physical Therapy students who wish to pursue graduate work in professional health programs such as Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy. Students wishing to pursue Pre-Occupational or Pre-Physical Therapy in the Health Sciences should consult and work closely with an advisor to assure proper course requirements are fulfilled.

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