School of Sciences

Biology Minor

To earn a minor in biology students must take the following courses:
Required: BIOL-L 211/213 Molecular Biology with lab or PLSC-B 203 Survey of the Plant Kingdom (5 cr.), BIOL-L 105 Introduction to Biology (5 cr.) plus 6 to 10 hours from the following: BIOL-L 364 Principles of Genetics (3 cr.), BIOL-L 321 Immunology (3 cr.), BIOL-L 367 Cell Physiology (3 cr.), BIOL-L 473 Ecology (3 cr.), MICR-M 310/315 Microbiology/Lab (5 cr.), PHSL-P 416 Comparative Animal Physiology (3 cr.), ZOOL-Z 315 Developmental Anatomy (5 cr.) Students must take all the necessary prerequisites before enrolling in courses required for the minor.

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