School of Nursing

Pre-Licensure Bachelor of Science Program

(for students who are not already RNs) For program information, contact Assistant Dean Bridget Whitmore, MSN, at 765.455.9274 or

IU Kokomo BSN Pre-Licensure Program Outcomes: The IU Kokomo Pre-Licensure BSN graduate will meet the following program outcomes:
  1. The BSN graduate applies a solid base in liberal education in the practice of nursing.
  2. The BSN graduate applies knowledge and skills in quality improvement and patient safety.
  3. The BSN Graduate translates current evidence for best practices in the provision of nursing care.
  4. The BSN Graduate applies knowledge and skills in information management and patient care technology in the delivery of nursing care.
  5. The BSN Graduate understands the interplay between health care policy, finance, and regulatory environments on the nursing care situation.
  6. The BSN Graduate collaborates with members of other disciplines to deliver effective patient centered care.
  7. The BSN Graduate demonstrates clinical prevention and population health skills.
  8. The BSN Graduate demonstrates professionalism and the values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice.
  9. The BSN Graduate practices nursing with individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan and across the continuum of health care environments, respecting the complexity of the care situation.
General Education Coursework:
In addition to 63 credits of nursing courses in the major, pre-licensure students are required to complete 57-59 general education credits distributed as follows:

Communication and info literacy = 10

Quantitative literacy = 7-9

Social and behavioral sciences = 9

Physical and life sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry) = 17

Humanities and art = 6

General electives = 8

General education total credits = 57–59

Nursing Major credits = 63

Total program credits = 120 – 122 credits

Pre-Licensure Plan of Study
Following is the plan of study listing nursing coursework to be completed each academic year. The courses are sequenced by semester. Note: curriculum changes occurring between print versions of this bulletin will be posted to the nursing website.

Sophomore 1 Courses (7 cr.)
  • NURS-B 232 Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing (2 cr.)
  • NURS-B 244 Health Assessment (3 cr.)
  • NURS-B 245 Health Assessment Practicum (2 cr.)
Sophomore 2 Courses (10 cr.)
  • NURS-B 216 Pharmacology (2 cr.)
  • NURS-B XXX Pathophysiology (3 cr.)
  • NURS-B 248 Science and Technology of Nursing (3 cr.)
  • NURS-B 249 Science and Technology of Nursing Practicum (2 cr.)
Junior 1 Courses (10 cr.)
  • NURS-H 351 Alterations in Neuro Psychological Health (3 cr.)
  • NURS-H 352 Alterations in Neuro Psychological Health Practicum (2 cr.)
  • NURS-H 353 Alterations in Health 1 (3 cr.)
  • NURS-H 354 Alterations in Health 1 Practicum (2 cr.)
Junior 2 Courses (13 cr.)
  • NURS-H 361 Alterations in Health 2 (3 cr.)
  • NURS-H 362 Alterations in Health 2 Practicum (2 cr.)
  • NURS-H 363 Developing Family and Child (4 cr.)
  • NURS-H 364 Developing Family and Child Practicum (2 cr.)
  • NURS-H 365 Nursing Research (2 cr.)
Senior 1 Courses (10 cr.)
  • NURS-S 470 Restorative Health Related to Multi System Failures (3 cr.)
  • NURS-S 471 Restorative Health Related to Multi System Failures Practicum (2 cr.)
  • NURS-S 472 A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community (3 cr.)
  • NURS-S 473 A Multi-System Approach to the Health of the Community Practicum (2 cr.)
Senior 2 Courses (10 cr.)
  • NURS-S 481 Nursing Management (2 cr.)
  • NURS-S 482 Nursing Management Practicum (2 cr.)
  • NURS-S 483 Clinical Nursing Practice Capstone (3 cr.)
  • NURS-S 485 Professional Growth and Empowerment (3 cr.)
Elective Courses:
  • A minimum of 3 credits of nursing elective courses must be completed
Admission to Pre-Licensure Nursing Major Considerations:
Unless approved by the School of Nursing administration, nursing major courses are open only to the basic students who are accepted into the School of Nursing after applying and meeting application requirements. Students should direct all inquiries concerning the School of Nursing, counseling, and application to the campus where they plan to enroll in the major. See General Education: Fundamental Skills requirements in the “Academic Regulations” section of this bulletin. Please refer to “Academic Policies for All Nursing Programs” in this bulletin.

Admission to Pre-Licensure Nursing Major:
Admission to the School of Nursing is a competitive process. Achievement of minimum application
criteria does not guarantee admission. The number of students selected for the major depends upon the number of student spaces available, faculty, clinical resources, and applicants’ performance on admission criteria. Admission is campus-specific and competitive. Satisfactory completion of the prerequisite courses does not guarantee acceptance to the nursing major.
  • All applicants must be admitted to IU Kokomo as a degree seeking student and be in good academic standing at time of application.
  • All applicants must be advised by a Nursing Advisor.
  • All applicants will have achieved satisfactory performance on a standardized pre-nursing achievement exam. Contact the Advising Center for Allied Health and Nursing for details regarding the exam and necessary scores to qualify for application.
  • At least one of these three required sciences (ANAT-A 215, PHSL-P 215, MICR-J 200/J 201) must be successfully completed in order to apply to the major; at least 2 of these required 3 sciences must be completed to begin in the nursing major.
  • One of the following math courses must be completed in order to apply: Math-M 117, MATH-M 118, MATH-M 119, MATH-M 125, MATH-M 215, or MATH-M 133/M 134.
  • Students may fail (with a C- or below) no more than 3 pre-nursing courses totaling 11 credits. Of the 3 failures, only 2 are allowed in the sciences. Students who exceed any of these limits are ineligible to apply to the nursing program.
  • Cumulative GPA—If an IU GPA is not available the cumulative GPA from his/her most recent institution will be used in determining the cumulative GPA.

Consideration of Applications to the Pre-Licensure Nursing Major:
Admission is a competitive process. Applicants must meet the deadlines for filing an application for admission. If a student is admitted to the nursing major but declines to accept, the student must reapply for reconsideration, and admission is not guaranteed. The student who fails to accept the offer of admission to the major for the second time is no longer eligible for future consideration. All students with completed applications who meet all of the admission criteria stated herein will be rank ordered according to the sum of the rank of the pre-nursing GPA and the rank of the results of the standardized pre-nursing achievement examination. Students with at least 12 credits from IU Kokomo will have 5 points subtracted from their overall rank. Selection will begin with the students at the lowest (best) rank and proceed until the seats are filled or there are no further qualified candidates. Students should direct all inquiries concerning the School of Nursing, counseling, and application to the campus where they plan to enroll in the major.


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