School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sociology, History, and Political Science

Chair: Nancy Greenwood

Professors: Aniskiewicz, Greenwood, McGovern
Associate Professors: Bradley
Assistant Professors: Heath, McFarland, Weller

The overall mission of the Sociology, History, and Political Science is to offer high quality degree programs to our students. We seek to make educational opportunities available to a diverse student population by offering content-rich and pedagogically solid courses. The department is also dedicated to offering out-of-classroom learning opportunities by encouraging participation in discipline-specific clubs, interdisciplinary programs, meetings of professional organizations, field trips, seminars and conferences/ workshops. We promote academic excellence by encouraging qualified students to take advantage of opportunities afforded by the IU Kokomo Honors program and by offering opportunities to engage in independent study, research projects, internships, and practica. The department helps students to prepare for careers and post-graduate education.

Political Science
Social Work
Social and Human Services

Degree Requirements
General Education requirements for the all Humanities & Social Science degrees are found in the School of Humanities and Social Science section earlier in the bulletin.


Bachelors Degrees



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