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Leadership Minor

The Leadership minor is designed to provide students with:

  1. Knowledge about leadership theories and practices as well as which approaches work best in different situations
  2. Opportunity for cross-disciplinary approaches to leadership studies
  3. Experiential learning involving applying classroom gained knowledge in real-world situations

The 18 credit hour minor is easy to combine with a variety of campus majors and plans of study.

Requirements for a Minor in Leadership
The Leadership minor is comprised of at least 18 credit hours.

Required Courses -- 9 Credit Hours

  • HSS -S 200 Introduction to Leadership Studies
  • HSS -S 300 Leadership Practicum - Leadership in Action
  • HSS -S 400 Leadership Capstone

Elective Courses -- 9 Credit Hours
An additional 9 credits from any of the following categories: Courses with an asterisk (*) have additional prerequisites. For all categories, additional special topics courses may be offered periodically that also might count toward the minor.

This includes course work in business with a leadership focus.

  • BUS-Z 302 Management and Behavior in Organizations
  • BUS-X 487 Business Seminar (SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise)
  • BUS-Z 447 Leadership, Teamwork, and Diversity*
Public Administration
This includes course work in non-profit management with a leadership focus.
  • PAHM-V 462 Non-Profit Management and Leadership*
  • PAHM-V 412 Leadership and Ethics*
  • PAHM-V 473 Management, Leadership, and Policy*
This includes any of the course work listed above in Business and Public Administration, any other approved course work with a leadership focus, as well as the following:
  • SPCH-S 122 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH-S 229 Discussion and Group Methods
  • SPCH-C 380 Organizational Communication
  • SPCH-S 322 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCH-S 427 Cross Cultural Communication
Approved travel courses with a leadership or service component can also be included. Recent examples include:
  • HSS -I 450 Innovation Symposium to England
  • HSS -F 200 Foreign Study Trip to Guatemala
Leadership Minor Courses

HSS-S 200 Introduction to Leadership Studies (3 cr.)
This course provides an overview of leadership theories and practices. It is offered in the hybrid format, meeting once per week on campus and once per week online.

HSS-S 300 Leadership Practicum - Leadership in Action (1-2 cr.)
This course provides hands-on experiences with leadership activities and events that provide a leadership opportunity. Students will take this class for three credits--either as three one-credit modules or as a one credit/two credit sequence.

HSS-S 400 Leadership Capstone (3 cr.)
This course is an applied, experiential learning course where students can practice the knowledge gained in other courses. It serves as a capstone for the minor and students will complete a semester-ling project.

Women and Gender Studies
Women and Gender Studies is a rapidly growing academic field dedicated to the study of women and their changing position in society. Its importance lies both in its interdisciplinary approach to the study of women and in the timely opportunity it offers for the study of issues long neglected by traditional academic scholarship. Minoring in Women and Gender Studies can potentially complement any major at Indiana University Kokomo. The minor helps students understand the position of women in society, the changes that come about through efforts to eradicate discriminatory social practices, and the transformation still needed to achieve a just and caring society. Such knowledge and sensitivity to women’s concerns should enrich students’ educational experience both personally and professionally, give insight into their own situations and society, and enable them to work more effectively in their careers. For more information on the minor in Women’s Studies, please contact your academic advisor.

Requirements for the Minor in Women and Gender Studies
The Women’s Studies minor requires the completion of 15 credit hours: 3 required credit hours and 12 credit hours of elective Women’s Studies courses approved by the Women and Gender Studies Committee. Students are encouraged to consult the Women and Gender Studies director for advising as they complete the minor.

Required Course: WOST-W 350 Women: Images and Perspectives (3 cr.)
Fall or spring. This interdisciplinary course studies how women’s lives in America are shaped by social values; by cultural beliefs, traditions, and ideology; and by social, political, and economic institutions or policies. It also considers how these are reflected in imaginative literature as well as social reality.

Electives cross-listed with Sociology:
Consult the “Sociology, History and Political Science ” section for a description of these courses.
  • SOC-S 316 The Family (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 338 Gender Roles (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 363 Sociology of Development (3 cr.)
Cross-listed with Humanities:
Consult the “Humanities” section for a description of these courses.
  • ENG-L 378 Studies in Women and Literature (3 cr.)
Note: The women’s studies faculty periodically develop new courses in women’s studies. For an updated listing of courses, students should consult the Schedule of Classes each semester.

International Studies
This 15 credit minor is easy to combine with a variety of campus majors and plans of study and allows students to explore in-depth areas which complement their major course work—such as international business, comparative political systems, or cross-cultural communication. While not required, students who pursue this minor are encouraged to combine their interest in international studies with in-depth study of languages offered on the IU Kokomo campus, (whether Spanish, German or French) and coursework in their majors which provides broad international content. Please consult the International Studies Minor web site on a regular basis for an update as to which courses are being offered in any given semester. If you have questions about the minor or seek advising as how to incorporate the minor into your plan of study, please consult Dr. Donna McLean at, or call (765) 455-9442 to set up an appointment.
Requirements: The minor comprises at least 15 credit hours of course work including:
  1. INTL-I 100 Introduction to International Studies (3 cr.)
  2. Any approved overseas study course (3 cr.) or SPCH-S 427 Cross-cultural Communication
  3. An additional nine credits of course work from any TWO of the following categories:
A. Global Markets and Governance:
  • POLS-Y 217 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 219 Introduction to International Relations (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 339 African Politics (3 cr.)
  • BUS-D 300 International Business Administration (3 cr.)
  • BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment (3 cr.)
  • BUS-D 302 International Business: Operations of International Enterprise (3 cr.)
B. Art and Civilization:
  • FINA-A 108 Art of the Western World (3 cr.)
  • ENG-L 225 Introduction to World Masterpieces (3 cr.)
  • ENG-G 301 History of the English Language (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 228 History of the Vietnam War (3 cr.)
C. Health and Environment:
  • CHEM-C 390 Special topics in Chemistry (3 cr.)
  • NURS-K 432 Korean Culture and Healthcare (1 cr.)
  • NURS-K 433 Korean Culture and Healthcare practicum (2 cr.)
D. Culture and Society:
  • PSY-P 391 Psychology of Gender and Ethnicity (3 cr.)
  • SPCH-S 427 Cross-cultural communication (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 363 Sociology of Development (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 335 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 cr.)
  • SOC-S 419 Social Movements and Collective Action (3 cr.)
Minors in Other Schools and Divisions
Students can also select minors from other schools or divisions of IU Kokomo, such as minors in Business, Math, or Biology. For more information on minors outside the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, please see other sections of this Bulletin.

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