School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

General requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degrees are listed below. Specific requirements for each degree program are listed under the department information.
  1. The regular matriculation requirements of Indiana University.
  2. A minimum of 120 credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. See requirements for specific degree programs.
  3. English - A demonstrated ability to use written and spoken English in a correct, clear, and effective manner. This requirement will be satisfied by completing ENG-W 131 and ENG-W 132 Elementary Composition I-II with a grade of C or higher and ENG-W 350 Advanced Expository Writing or an approved intensive writing course in the major with a grade of C– or higher. These courses do not count toward the distribution or concentration requirements. A student may earn an exemption from ENG-W 131 in one of four ways: 1) scoring 3 or higher on either the AP English Language and Composition exam of the AP English Literature and Composition exam, 2) scoring 670 or higher on the verbal section of the SAT, 3) scoring 29 or higher on the English section of the ACT, or 4) scoring 8 on the IU Kokomo Placement test. Please consult the program chair of English for further information on exemption from W 131 and further options for receiving credit through further testing.
  4. Speech - Students must demonstrate a proficiency in speech by completing SPCH-S 121, Public Speaking with a grade of C or above.
  5. Computer Literacy - Students must complete CSCI-C 100 Computing Tools (1 cr.) or earn exemption from this requirement by demonstrating that they have access to a computer with legal word processing, spreadsheet, and database software and that they are able to use that software.
  6. Foreign Language - There is a language requirement of 6 credit hours at the 200 level (or higher) in a foreign language. The first year (100 level) in the student’s first language will apply as credit toward the degree completed at IU Kokomo. (These credits may or may not apply toward degrees completed at other campuses or institutions.) First- and second-year courses in the student’s first language may not be taken on the Pass/Fail option. All students who have had a foreign language before entering Indiana University are encouraged to take the College Entrance Examination Board Achievement Test in that language. Students who place into the second year or higher of a language on the test will be eligible to receive S credit for the first year upon completion of a second-year course in that language with a grade of C or better. Similarly, students who place into the second semester of a language will be eligible for S credit for the first semester upon completion of the second-semester course with a grade of C or better. International students may not receive credit for their native languages.
  7. Mathematics - Students must demonstrate a proficiency in mathematics by completing MATH-M 133 Topics in Probability & Statistics and MATH-M 134 Topics in Mathematics with a grade of C- or better; or completing MATH-M 125 Precalculus or MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics with a grade of C or better; or by completing MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus I or MATH-M 215 Calculus I with a grade of C– or better; or by scoring 620 or higher on the Mathematics SAT or 27 or higher on the Mathematics ACT.
  8. General Education -
    1. Eight to nine credit hours in Humanities (literature, performance, and ethics).
    2. Thirteen credit hours in the Biological and Physical Sciences.
    3. Fifteen credit hours in the three different disciplines in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Note, students should check with an advisor for specifics of general education requirements.
  9. A student must complete a total of 30 credit hours in 300–400-level courses within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Sciences, although credits may come from both schools.
  10. Major - 24-48 credit hours depending on the major requirements of the specific degree program.
  11. Completion of 30 of the last 60 credit hours at Indiana University Kokomo.
  12. No more than 15 credit hours in courses outside the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Sciences.
  13. Graduation dates at IU Kokomo occur in December, May, and August. Students planning to graduate in December must apply for their degrees by September 15. The application deadline for May and August graduations is January 15.

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