Division of Allied Health Sciences

Physical Therapy

A pre-PT baccalaureate degree program is available at IU Kokomo. See the Bachelor of Arts in Biological and Physical Sciences Degree in the Department of Natural, Information and Mathematical Science, School of Arts and Sciences section in this bulletin.

Physical therapists work with individuals of all ages and treat patients with conditions such as burns; soft tissue injuries; heart and lung disabilities; and problems with nerves, muscles, and bones. Physical therapists use their skills to assist in patient rehabilitation following many types of surgical procedures.

Physical therapists, as members of the health care team, have roles in addition to direct work with patients. They may organize prenatal classes. They have responsibility for many aspects of preventive medicine such as developing screening programs in schools. Some physical therapists are in administration, others work in research, and some teach courses in physical therapy.

Because physical therapists (PTs) are involved in total maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of disease, they must know how to apply physical, biological, social, and medical sciences to individuals.

It is essential for physical therapists to evaluate the physical status of patients. Based on results of the evaluations, the PTs, in consultation with referring physicians, establish treatment programs. Then, the physical therapist guides the application of the treatments and makes alterations as the needs of the patient change.

Degree Requirements

The physical therapy program encompasses three years of study and leads to a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree awarded by the Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at IUPUI. Students are accepted into the physical therapy program after completing a Baccalaureate degree.

Students must include Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, and one year of General Chemistry, one year of Physics, General Psychology, Life Span Development, and a course in Statistics as part of their undergraduate curriculum. Please consult the IUPUI Bulletin for additional admission requirements and prerequisite courses.

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