Division of Allied Health Sciences

Coaching Minor

Participation in sport at any level can be a richly rewarding experience for athletes. The variety of opportunities is continually expanding for both male and females from youth programs in all sports, middle and high schools, collegian interscholastic athletics, as well as community recreation programs. A well-qualified coach, who understands the many facets of his or her role, is the single most important aspect of a successful program. A properly trained coach can provide the setting in which all athletes receive maximum benefits from their participation.

The IU Kokomo Coaching Minor is designed to give students the necessary information and experience to coach at many levels. The coaching minor is open to all IU Kokomo students meeting 2.0 minimum GPA. 

Minor Requirements (15 -17 cr)

Course numbers pending approval. Please contact Division of Allied Health Sciences for enrollment information.

  • AHLT-E 409 (3 cr) Foundations of Exercise Science.
  •  AHLT-A 280 (2 cr) Principles of Athletic Training 
  • AHLT-C 360 (3 cr) Philosophical Foundations of Coaching
  • AHLT-F 340 (3 cr) Physical Fitness Appraisal and Performance Assessments (limited to coaching minor students or permission of instructor)
  • AHLT-C 485 (1 – 6 cr) Practicum in Coaching (Junior/Senior standing and admission to the Coaching Minor) CPR Certification must be completed and recorded prior to enrollment in AHLT-C 485. May be repeated.

The remaining two credits will be selected from the courses below which include coaching of a variety of individual, dual, and team sports as well as a sports officiating class. Students must take one of the following 2 credit courses. They may take as many of these courses as they choose. 

  • Select one from the following Theory and Technique courses (each is 2 credit hours except AHLT-C 340):

▪       AHLT-C 350 Theory and Technique of Coaching of Basketball

▪       AHLT-C 351 Theory and Technique of Coaching of Baseball

▪       AHLT-C 352 Theory and Technique of Coaching of Soccer

▪       AHLT-C 353 Theory and Technique of Coaching Softball

▪       AHLT-C 354 Theory and Technique of Coaching of Volleyball

▪       AHLT-C 355 Theory and Technique of Coaching Tennis

▪       AHLT-C 340 Principles of Sports Officiating (1 Credit)


Assessment of the Coaching Minor curriculum will be conducted through course-embedded assessment tools such as practice activities, development of training plans, and course exams. Students must attain a 2.0 GPA in the minor overall. Students must complete the practicum with a satisfactory evaluation by the practicum supervisor. Note that the practicum experiences can range from grade school and middle school or high school coaching to assistant coaching at the collegiate level; in a club setting such as a swimming, soccer, or basketball youth association; or at a recreational level, such as youth baseball or softball.

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