Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs

BS in Informatics

Philosophy of Mind and Cognition Cognate


  • PHIL-P 360 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
  • COGS-Q 240 Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information Sciences
Select one course from the following:

  • PHIL-P 250 Introductory Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-P 251 Intermediate Symbolic Logic
  • PHIL-P 352 Logic and Philosophy

Select two courses from the following:

  • PHIL-P 211 Modern Philosophy: Descartes through Kant
  • PHIL-P 310 Topics in Metaphysics
  • PHIL-P 312 Topics in the Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL-P 320 Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL-P 366 Philosophy of Action

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