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Common Ground– General Education Requirements

In summer 2011, Indiana University Bloomington instituted a new campus-wide General Education Program. All IUB undergraduate students who matriculate in or after first summer session 2011 will be required to complete the campus-wide GenEd program prior to graduation.  Some courses may overlap and satisfy the Common Ground General Education requirements as well as some additional SoIC General Education requirements needed to complete INFOBS or CSCIBS majors.  Please be aware that some courses in the INFOBS or CSCIBS majors require a higher gpa to fulfill a requirement than the same course in the General Education requirement (ex. ENG-W 131 satisfies the General Education  requirement with a grade of “C-“, but a grade of “C” is needed to satisfy the SoIC English Composition requirement).

The Common Ground

The bulletin with the GenEd requirements, course listings and information can be found at this url: http://www.indiana.edu/~bulletin/iub/general-education/2013-2014/index.shtml.

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