Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading Policies

Pass/Fail Option

Students in the School of Informatics and Computing may elect to take a maximum of 12 credit hours total under the Pass/Fail option. The procedure for declaring this option can be found in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. Special regulations affecting the Pass/Fail option for School of Informatics and Computing students are as follows:

  • Only one course per semester or one course per summer session can be taken under the Pass/Fail option.
  • School of Informatics and Computing students may take only university elective courses or general elective courses on a Pass/Fail basis. The Pass/Fail option may not be used for any course that satisfies the requirements for a minor or certificate.
  • A grade of P is not counted in the grade point average; a grade of F is included. Grades of P cannot be changed to any other letter grade.
  • Pass/Fail forms are available in Informatics East 102 and Lindley Hall 215.

Academic Bulletins

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