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SPH-B Honors Program

Description of Program

The School of Public Health-Bloomington Honors Program is dedicated to providing a rich college experience to motivated, academically gifted, and engaged students. By promoting challenging coursework, encouraging leadership and service beyond the classroom, and providing opportunities for scholarly research, it prepares graduates for excellence in their public health careers. 


Admission to the SPH Honors Program will follow the process below:

  • SPH Records Office will send a letter of invitation to all eligible undergraduate students, inviting them to apply to the SPH honors program.
  • Students will apply by completing a standardized form letter of intent that includes basic student information as well as their intentions.
  • Students will submit their application form letter to their academic advisor for review (e.g., if student meets eligibility).
  • Admitted to an SPH major
  • 3.7 cumulative GPA at time of admission into Honors Program
  • 3.7 cumulative GPA at time of graduation
  • In student’s final semester, student will initiate meeting with major advisor to ensure that all requirements for the SPH Honors Program have been met. 
  • Deadline to submit Graduation Checklist to Advisor: December 1 or May 1
Honors Program Criteria

Students must complete all of the following four criteria:

Criterion 1: Completion of 3 credits of SPH honors coursework which could be any of the following:

An SPH course designated as a Hutton Honors course - or - An honors section of an SPH course as determined by Department faculty using the Hutton Honors College 6 basic Models for Honors Offerings form as guidance

Criterion 2: Completion of an independent research study or project culminating in a paper or poster project.

Criterion 3: Presentation in SPH poster event and/or Departmental Open House or a recognized conference.

Criterion 4: Participation in a credit-bearing field experience or service learning course, or credit-bearing study abroad or other approved credit-bearing community-engaged learning activity that results in a paper, project, or product.

Benefits to Students
  • Recognition of high-impact experiences initiated by student.
  • Flexibility to choose desired Honors courses and projects specific to student’s area of study.
  • Opportunity for community engagement.
  • Opportunity for mentorship and/or research with a faculty member and graduate students.
  • SPH Honors notation provided on transcript.
  • Recognition at graduation (Honors cord).

The SPH Honors Program provides exemplary education involving research and community engagement in order to prepare graduates so that they can effectively meet the public health needs of individuals and communities.

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