Graduate Academic Programs


Admission Status

The types of admission status are as follows:

Admitted The applicant has met all admission requirements, and has been accepted into a degree program. Admission status is unconditional for those students admitted to master's degree programs with an approved undergraduate degree from a four-year accredited institution. A student may be conditionally admitted before completing his or her undergraduate degree with the understanding that the degree will be completed before the student may earn a master's degree. Students may also be admitted with prescribed prerequisite course work, which must be completed before earning the master's degree.

Denied The applicant is not permitted to pursue the academic program for which application was made. Applicants whose record would ordinarily qualify them for admission but who are denied because no places are available in the desired program may request to have their applications reconsidered for admission at some future date. Applicants who are denied admission for other reasons may request reconsideration if significant new evidence can be presented concerning their ability to pursue graduate course work successfully. If such evidence includes courses taken at Indiana University (or other institutions), the executive associate dean will review the course work on a case-by-­case basis to determine whether or not such course work may be counted toward degree requirements if the applicant is subsequently admitted.

Continuing Nondegree The holder of a bachelor's degree who is not a candidate for a graduate degree may enroll as a continuing nondegree graduate student. Those wishing to enroll as nondegree students must be advised by the executive associate dean. Continuing nondegree students may enroll only in those courses for which they have obtained specific permission to register. Consideration will be given to the academic background of the individual and course enrollment limitations. If a student, initially enrolled as a continuing nondegree student, later wishes to obtain a graduate degree, a formal admission application must be submitted to the school. It is important to note that no more than 9 credit hours taken before formal admission to a degree program in the school may be counted toward a graduate degree.

Transient Students Students in good standing in any recognized graduate school who plan to return to their former university may enroll as nondegree students. A statement from the dean or departmental chairperson of the home institution verifying graduate status will be accepted in lieu of transcripts and letters of recommendation.

Audit Status A student who wants to enroll in a School of Public Health-Bloomington graduate course as an auditor must complete the Permission to Audit Form and return it to the Records Office, School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University, SPH 123, 1025 E. Seventh Street , Bloomington, IN 47405-7109; phone (812) 855-1561. The privilege of auditing a course is awarded only under special circumstances. Course instructors have the final right of approval on any such arrangement. Credit may not be awarded for any course taken as an audit.

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