Academic Policies & Procedures


Schedule Adjustment: Withdrawal from Courses

A grade of W (Withdrawal) is given automatically when a withdrawal occurs during a specific span of time after the final schedule adjustment period at the beginning of a regular semester or summer session. For the dates of this period, consult the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. Withdrawals that would reduce a student's enrollment below 12 credit hours or interrupt progress toward satisfaction of specific area requirements will not be authorized.

Petitions for withdrawal after the periods specified above will not be authorized by the dean of a student's school except for urgent reasons related to extended illness or equivalent distress. The desire to avoid a low grade is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal from a course.

If the student withdraws with the dean's consent, the mark in the courses shall be W if the student is passing at the time of withdrawal and F if the student is not passing. The grade will be recorded on the date of withdrawal. Failure to complete a course without authorized withdrawal will result in a grade of F.

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