Academic Policies & Procedures



The School of Public Health - Bloomington is not obligated to readmit students who have been dismissed. Students who have been dismissed from the school for academic reasons are normally considered for reinstatement only after at least one regular (fall or spring) semester. To be considered for reinstatement, a student must submit a reinstatement application form, available from the School of Public Health - Bloomington records office, Room 115. Requests for readmission cannot be considered if the university has placed the records on hold for any reason, such as for outstanding fees. In considering a request for readmission, the committee will need to be convinced that the student now has sufficient aptitude to pursue the intended program of study. Students must also show signs of increasing maturity, increasing commitment to their education, and adequate financial resources without excessive employment.

In granting readmission, the committee may require special conditions, such as a 12 credit hour maximum enrollment per semester; regular tutoring sessions; participation in relevant professional organizations; or registration in writing, reading, and/or study skills courses.

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