Academic Policies & Procedures


Grade of Incomplete

The grade of I is given only under circumstances beyond the student's control that prohibit completion of the course on time and when the work of the course is substantially completed and of passing quality. When an Incomplete is assigned, a record must be maintained in the office of the department in which the grade was given. The record will include a statement of the reason for recording the Incomplete and adequate guidance for its removal, with a suggested final grade in the event of the departure or extended absence of the instructor from the campus.

To receive notification of a removal of Incomplete, the student must contact the instructor. A student must complete the course and the instructor must replace the Incomplete with a grade within one calendar year from the date of its recording. The dean, however, may authorize adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances. If the student fails to remove the Incomplete within the time allowed, the dean will authorize the Office of the Registrar to change the grade to F. Both the student and the instructor will be notified of this change in grade.

If an instructor requests that the student retake the course to have an incomplete grade replaced with an actual grade, the student should not re-register for the course. In this case, the instructor who recorded the grade of I should replace it with the grade the student earns when the retaken course is completed.

Once a student has graduated, an incomplete grade may remain on the official record.

These regulations do not apply to research and reading courses in which completion of the course work is not necessarily required at the end of the semester. Incomplete work in these courses will be denoted by a grade of R (deferred grade).  A grade of R (Deferred) indicates that the nature of the course is such that the work of the student can be evaluated only after two or more terms.

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