Academic Policies & Procedures

Master's Degree Students

Minimum Master's Degree Requirements

For a Master of Science degree, students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 35 credit hours, at least 20 credit hours of which must be in the major department (applied health science, kinesiology, or recreation, park, and tourism studies). Many master's degree programs require more than the minimum 35 credit hours. This section contains a description of each master's degree program.

For students choosing to write a thesis, 5 credits are awarded for completion of a thesis. These credits count toward the minimum 35 credit hours required for the degree. However, while thesis credits are awarded in the form of departmental courses, thesis students must complete 20 other credit hours in the major department in order to satisfy the minimum major requirement.

In pursuing a master's degree, students may select one of the options listed in their major department. School of Public Health - Bloomington courses required to fill the requirements for a given option will be counted toward the total 20 credit hours required in the major field. Even though a course from a discipline outside of the school may be required in a given option, it cannot be counted toward the total 20 credit hours required in the major field. Wherever a choice between two courses is permitted in meeting option requirements, the alternative not chosen may be used as an elective. All electives used to meet degree requirements must be approved by the advisor.

A maximum of 6 credit hours in independent study, readings, and research courses (not including internships) may be used to meet master's degree requirements unless special permission is obtained from the executive associate dean. A student must have at least a 3.0 GPA to enroll in independent study courses.

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