Academic Policies & Procedures

Graduate (All Students)

Schedule Adjustment: Withdrawal from Courses

A grade of W (Withdrawal) is given automatically when a withdrawal from course work occurs during a specific span of time after the late schedule adjustment period at the beginning of a regular semester or summer session. For the dates of this period, consult the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. Thereafter, a W will be given only if the student is passing on the date of withdrawal and has an illness or employment obligation. If the student is failing on the date of withdrawal or stops attending class without officially withdrawing, a WF (Withdrawal with Failure) will be recorded on that date and will be treated as a failing grade. For further information regarding withdrawal dates and procedures, refer to the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin.

Note: Reducing the number of credit hours will affect financial aid status, especially in relation to fellowships, scholarships, fee remissions, graduate work study, hourly work study, and scheduled repayment of loans. The details of specific awards should be reviewed before withdrawing to ascertain the effect of a reduction in total credit hours.

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