Graduate Division

Curricula for Graduate Degrees

Organ and Sacred Music

Master of Music in Organ and Sacred Music, Double Major

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in music or its demonstrated equivalent. For additional information, see "Admission Requirements" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.

Major I (Organ)

18 credit hours

  • Q900 Organ Graduate Major (12 cr.), concurrent with I500 Studio Masterclass (0 cr.)
  • I711 Master’s Recital (0 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours chosen from:
    • M675 Seminar in Organ Literature: Renaissance and Baroque (3 cr.)
    • M676 Seminar in Organ Literature: Classic and Romantic (3 cr.)
    • M677 Seminar in Organ Literature: Music Since 1900 (3 cr.)
    • M678 Seminar in Organ Literature: Organ Works of J. S. Bach (3 cr.)
    • E589 Organ Pedagogy (2 cr.) and E590 Organ Pedagogy Practicum (1 cr.)
Major II (Sacred Music)

18-19 credit hours

  • C501 Sacred Music Colloquium (1 cr.) to be taken each spring semester of enrollment (maximum of 2 enrollments)
  • E521 The Children’s Chorus (3 cr.)
  • C524 Organ Improvisation (2 cr.)
  • C540 The History of Christian Worship and Sacred Music (2 cr.)
  • C541 Sacred Music: Philosophy and Practice I (2 cr.)
  • G560 Graduate Choral Conducting (3 cr.)
  • G538 Choral Rehearsal Techniques (2 cr.)
  • 1 credit hour chosen from
    • F531 Graduate Ear Training for Conductors (1 cr.)
    • F532 Graduate Score Reading (1 cr.)
  • 2 credits chosen from:
    • C500 Independent Study in Sacred Music Practices (1-3 cr.)
    • C505 Organ Construction and Design (2 cr.)
    • C524 Organ Improvisation (2 cr.)
Music History and Literature Requirement

6 credit hours. See “Structure of Master’s Curricula” under General Requirements for Master’s Degrees in this bulletin.

Major Ensemble

2 credit hours each fall and spring semester.

Tool Subjects

Proficiency in the following areas to be demonstrated through examination or by passing each of the following with a minimum grade of B:

  • C504 Keyboard Skills Review (1 cr.) For sight-reading, transposition, modulation, and figured bass. This proficiency must be met before enrolling in C524 Organ Improvisation.
  • C510 Service Playing Review (1 cr.) For console conducting, hymn playing, accompanying, and score reading.
  • M576 Survey of Organ Literature (1 cr.) For review of organ literature and related instrument design and performance practices. The organ literature proficiency exam or M576 must be passed before enrolling in M675, M676, M677, or M678.

Students must take all proficiency examinations before or within their first semester of enrollment; with organ department permission, they may take specific examinations for a second time in their second semester of enrollment. For any examination not passed, students must pass the relevant review course. Successful completion of C504 and/or C510 will satisfy the keyboard proficiency requirement for this degree.

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