Graduate Division

Curricula for Graduate Degrees


Master of Arts in Musicology (through University Graduate School)

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in music or its demonstrated equivalent. For additional information, see "Admission Requirements" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.


18 credit hours

  • 9 credit hours selected from:
    • M502 Composers: Variable Topics (3 cr.). May be repeated for different topics.
    • M510 Topics in Music Literature (3 cr.). May be repeated for different topics.
    • M525 Survey of Operatic Literature (3 cr.)
    • M527 Symphonic Literature (3 cr.)
    • M528 Chamber Music Literature (3 cr.)
    • M650 Music in the United States (3 cr.)
    • M651 Medieval Music (3 cr.)
    • M652 Renaissance Music (3 cr.)
    • M653 Baroque Music (3 cr.)
    • M654 Classic Music (3 cr.)
    • M655 Romantic Music (3 cr.)
    • M656 Modern Music (3 cr.)
    • M657 Music Since 1960 (3 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours selected from:
    • T545 Introductory Analysis of Music Literature (3 cr.)
    • T551 Analytical Techniques for Tonal Music (3 cr.)
    • T555 Schenkerian Analysis (3 cr.)
    • T556 Analysis of Music Since 1900 (3 cr.)
  • M601 Master's Seminar in Musicology (3 cr.)
Music History and Literature Requirement

6 credit hours. See “Structure of Master’s Curricula“ under General Requirements for Master’s Degrees in this bulletin.

Other Required Credits

6 credit hours. See “Structure of Master’s Curricula” under General Requirements for Master’s Degrees in this bulletin.

Master of Arts Examination

Ordinarily to be taken in the semester in which a student completes the coursework for the degree.

Major Ensemble

2 credit hours each semester until four fall-spring enrollments are reached or the student graduates.

Tool Subjects
  • M539 Introduction to Music Bibliography (2 cr.) with a grade of B or higher
  • Reading knowledge of French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, or Spanish. Reading knowledge in a language may be demonstrated in the following ways:
    • by passing an examination administered by the appropriate language department
    • by passing a translation examination administered by the musicology department
    • by grades of B or higher in two semesters of reading courses at the graduate level
    • by receiving a grade of B or higher in a literature or civilization course at Indiana University numbered 300 or higher (exclusive of individual readings and correspondence courses) in which the reading is done in the foreign language.

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