Graduate Division

Curricula for Graduate Degrees


Doctor of Music in Music Literature and Performance

Admission Requirements

Master's degree in harp or its demonstrated equivalent. For additional information, see "Admission Requirements" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.


36 credit hours

  • H900 Harp Graduate Major (18 cr.)
  • H601 Doctoral Harp Recital I (1 cr.)
  • H602 Doctoral Harp Recital II (Lecture) (1 cr.)
  • H603 Doctoral Harp Recital III (Concerto) (1 cr.)
  • H604 Doctoral Harp Recital IV (Chamber) (1 cr.)
  • M643-M644 Seminar in Harp Literature I-II (3-3 cr.)
  • E513 Harp Pedagogy (2 cr.)
  • E514 Applied Harp Pedagogy (2 cr.)
  • F519 Orchestral Repertoire (1-1 cr.)
  • M620 Doctoral Final Project (2 cr.)
Minor and Other Required Credits

24 credit hours. See “Structure of Doctoral Curricula” under General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees in this bulletin.

Major Ensemble

X40 University Instrumental Ensembles (2 cr.) each fall and spring semester until coursework is complete, unless waived by department.

Tool Subject

M539 Introduction to Music Bibliography (2 cr.)

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