Graduate Division

Curricula for Graduate Degrees


Doctor of Music in Composition

Admission Requirements

Master’s degree in composition or its demonstrated equivalent. For additional information, see "Admission Requirements" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.


36 credit hours

  • K910 Composition Graduate Major (18 cr.) I500 Studio Masterclass may be required (varies by studio).
  • K501 Composition Forum (1-1-1 cr.)
  • K701 Doctoral Composition Chamber Recital (1 cr.)
  • K702-K703 Doctoral Composition Document I-II (0-0 cr.)
  • K700 Dissertation in Composition (5 cr.)
  • Music electives (9 cr. in conducting, composition, electronic music, or other area approved by the department; must include a graduate-level conducting course in new music, orchestral, choral, or wind conducting, unless one has been taken previously; may include additional credit hours in K501, K700, or K910.)

K702 (movement of chamber music written during a week-long examination period) and K703 (setting of a given text during a 24-hour period) should be completed within first two semesters of enrollment.

Minor and Other Required Credits

24 credit hours. See “Structure of Doctoral Curricula” under General Requirements for Doctoral Degrees in this bulletin.

Tool Subjects

T551 Analytical Techniques for Tonal Music (3 cr.) and T556 Analysis of Music Since 1900 (3 cr.) or equivalents, which will not be included in the total credit hours required for the major, but may count toward a minor in music theory.

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