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Graduate Certificate in Vocology 

18 credit hours

The Graduate Certificate in Vocology is for voice teachers/singers who wish to deepen their understanding of the singing voice. The focus of the certificate is on the union of voice science and practical application, both with healthy voice and injured voice. 

This is a financial aid eligible certificate.


The applicant must have a master’s degree in voice performance and/or voice pedagogy, or must be pursuing an MM Voice degree at the Jacobs School of Music simultaneously with enrollment in the certificate program. Students possessing or pursuing a graduate degree in music in an area other than voice may be considered if they meet the audition requirements listed below.

Admission Requirements

  1. short audio/video recording that demonstrates proficiency in singing/performance (waived for those currently enrolled in the MM Voice degree)
  2. interview with voice pedagogy faculty 
  3. in-person audition (if interested in scholarship opportunity)
  4. completed Graduate Certificate in Vocology Questionnaire regarding previous experience and current knowledge of the topic.

Grade Requirements

Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Vocology requires a grade of B or higher in each of the required courses.

Other Requirements

For students who are simultaneously pursuing the MM Voice degree and the Graduate Certificate in Vocology, E695 Voice Pedagogy: Research Foundations will substitute for E594 Voice Pedagogy in the MM Voice pedagogy requirement.

Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Vocology are subject to the provisions of graduate academic standing in the Jacobs School of Music.

Time Limits

Students in the standalone certificate must complete all requirements within four years from the date of first enrollment. For IU Bloomington students, certificate courses must be completed within the time limit for their degrees.

Required Courses

  • E695 Voice Pedagogy: Research Foundations (3 cr.)
  • E696 Voice Pedagogy: Practice (3 cr.)
  • SLHS-S 542 Care of the Professional Voice (3 cr.)
  • E697 Voice Pedagogy: Repertoire (3 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours selected from
    • V800 Voice Graduate Minor, for non-voice majors
    • V900 Voice Graduate Major, for voice majors

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